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XWatch - Limited Stock

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Aluminum Case with Dual-Sided Hardened Glass
HD Retina Fully Touchable Display
SmartPhone Freedom, Call & Notification iOS/Android
Customized Watch Faces To Suit Your Moods
Monitor Your Heart, Sleep & Activity
Multi-Days Battery Life

What Is XWatch?
A simple answer to this question will be that XWatch is a smart watch. That is good enough for people to understand that this watch does many more functions than what an ordinary watch does. Hence the adjective smart watch.

xWatch is the most functional smartwatch anywhere. Insert a SIM (worldwide) into the watch, or pair with your iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth. Answer/receive calls directly on the watch, listen to music, store music, take pictures and video, monitor fitness activities, and regulate your blood pressure with special magnets built into the watch. Pair with x2 Wireless Headset for an entirely hands-free experience, perfect for working out or any other activity. xWatch is one of the only smartwatches with a built-in camera and video camera. xWatch camera functionality includes night mode, different camera settings, and the ability to use the xWatch as a remote control to control your Android smartphone camera (perfect for selfies!).

You can also keep track of your blood pressure with the built-in monitor (xWatch). xWatch’s built-in audio player gives you the ability to listen to music, either stored on your phone or stored on xWatch’s huge 8GB internal memory, right from the watch on its built-in speaker, or you can pair it to Bluetooth earphones for more private listening.

What can xWatch offer?
Initially, the smartwatch had few features to offer. But now, in the era of competitions, it is seen that almost all the smartwatch have the basics updated. There are differences in the standards of the smartwatch. Few are better in comparison with others in different ways.

Now, let us consider XWatch as an example. The features of a smart watch are also present in XWatch. But do the features stop here? No, not at all. XWatch allows for calls to be made by connecting to your phone. It allows for messages to be checked. Apart from that, you can make use of that to check in with your health. It does a lot more than this. Of course, when so much is offered, it is natural for people to sit up and notice this clever smartwatch because it gives so many other extras.

A medical assistant on your wrist: Forget about sudden drops in blood pressure in the middle of the street. Be prepared to avoid even a serious heart-attack! xWatch SmartWatch is monitoring your pulse, heart rate, and blood pressure in real-time.

It will help you sleep better: xWatch SmartWatch is monitoring your sleep at night and provides useful data to improve your sleep quality. It will wake you up in the morning, and you will feel confident and refreshed all the time!

Avoid the risks of a Sedentary lifestyle: xWatch will help you move more every day. It is using a smart sensor to analyze your daily steps and calories consumed, and it motivates you to be a better version of yourself. When you sit for too long risking your health, it will notify you to stand up!

Stay Connected: Stay always connected with family or friends and never lose an important phone call or message. You can answer straight from the watch with a click of a button.

Bluetooth call
Call logs
Heart rate
Sleep monitor
Bluetooth camera
Stop watch
Bluetooth music
Multiple languages

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