WiFi Boost - Get 50% Off Today

WiFi Boost - Get 50% Off Today

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Features :

Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Wireless Rate: 300Mbps
Interface: 1 10/100Mbps WAN/LAN RJ45 Ports

Ease of use:

Another reason why this WiFi repeater is becoming popular for both home and business use is how easy it is for the average person to install. Instead of having to spend money on hiring a computer expert, you can purchase WiFiBoost at a low cost, install it with any home internet setup by yourself, and immediately notice the results. There are no CDs or difficult parts, just one component.

Fast internet has never been this easy before. Using independent internet speed tests we encountered more than double the internet speed due to the increase in network signal quality by WifiBoost.

WiFiBoost gives you peace of mind that you can stream videos without needing to wait for them to buffer. The best part is, every member of the family can benefit from WiFiBoost at any time.

My internet is now faster than ever before. It's ridiculous how we are consistently taken advantage of by big companies!

Finally we can now watch Netflix without having to spend half the time yelling at the laptops loading screen


Easy to use - Really anyone can use it
Extremely High Value for its Price
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