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Watch to discover...

Does taking VISCERA-3™ really mean you can throw out fiber and probiotics?

We hear a lot about having a healthy gut, what does that actually mean?

What is butyrate, and why is TRIbutyrate the superior form of this critical gut health nutrient?

Can TRIbutyrate help with weight loss and how does that work?

What is the old 5-step process to get butyrate and what are the benefits of the 1-step shortcut.

Why Choose SANE Viscera-3™:

Say goodbye to gut health issues, and disease-causing leaky gut forever with the last and ONLY gut health supplement you will ever need. Having more of the patented and widely studied ingredient TRIbutyrate is the "master key" to a healthy, immune optimizing, slimming gut.

Skip the slow painful and inefficient 5-step "in-gut fermentation" process and instead enjoy the miracle health benefit of TRIButyrate directly in your lower colon, the only way you can enjoy all of its incredible proven life improving effects.

See the difference in your toilet with poops you can be proud of while you feel the difference as you enjoy life without the extra gas and bloating caused by gastrointestinal issues.

Protect your brain from mental deterioration and painful mental problems as your age by healing your gut and therefore sending calming, relaxing signals to the brain via the gut-brain axis.

Enjoy the disease defending benefits of a healthy gut without a porous and leaky gut that allows pathogens, toxins, and viruses into your bloodstream causing havoc with your health and leaving you at high risk of diseases.

Target the deadliest type of belly fat visceral fat by turning on your "slim gut switch" in just 10 seconds every morning.

Throw out your extra fiber and probiotics and skip the old, slow, and painful 5 step process and achieve even better gut health with the "slim gut, immune healing short cut."

Guaranteed safe with multiple levels of quality assurance — Made from the highest quality ingredients in an N.S.F. and FDA G.M.P. certified manufacturing facility based in the USA.

Try It Risk-Free... Love it Or Don’t Pay!

I am so excited for you to try Viscera-3TM, and I am so passionate that you get to enjoy these "turn-back-the-clock" cravings-crushing benefits, so we want to make sure nothing stops you from enjoying this one-of-a-kind gut health solution for yourself today! That is why we are going to let you experience the results for yourself RISK-FREE for 60 Days with our no question asked 60 DAY Money Back Guarantee.**

I absolutely know you will love how you look and feel with Viscera-3TM so we are willing to take all the risk today so that you, and your whole family can share the life-changing benefits. If during that time you are not fully satisfied with the Viscera-3TM formula send back your order, even if it’s been all used up, and we will give you a quick and courteous refund. No questions asked and we will still part as friends.