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Prostastream - Prostate Supplement

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Prostastream - Prostate Supplement Reviews:

ProstaStream is a nutritional supplement marketed as the #1 method to help support a healthy prostate.

ProstaStream contains a mix of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts that target prostate health in various ways.

Most of the ingredients are in doses too low to significantly impact human health. Although ProstaStream contains various doses of proven BPH-fighting supplement ingredients. Key ingredients in ProstaStream include:

Saw Palmetto berries
Plant sterol complex

Zinc, selenium, and copper can all be found in multivitamin supplements. They’re crucial for male health, and some studies show they can support prostate health in various ways. Multiple studies show that men who are deficient in zinc, for example, have trouble with prostate health. Zinc is found in high concentrations within your prostate, which is why it plays a role in prostate health.

If you’re already getting enough zinc per day, then ProstaStream is unlikely to impact prostate health. However, if you are deficient in zinc, then ProstaStream (or any zinc supplement) could support prostate health.

What Does ProstaStream Do?

According to the official Prostastream Website at, the supplement can provide all of the following benefits:

The #1 method to help support a healthy prostate
Developed after years of personal trials and experiments
Provides the best possible results when maintaining good prostate health
Supports a healthy inflammatory response
Helps any man easily navigate a BPH-free life

Who is Frank Neal?

ProstaStream was made by a man named Frank Neal. Frank claims he developed ProstaStream after “many years of personal trials and experiments.”

Frank claims to have researched all corners of the globe to find the best natural cures for prostate issues. After endless testing with 144 organic ingredients, he eventually settled on the ProstaStream formula.

WebMD recently analyzed prostate supplements like ProstaStream to see if they help with BPH. WebMD mentions that the best prostate supplements contain the following four ingredients:

Rye grass
Saw palmetto

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