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Proper Focus - Limited Time Offer

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Why ProperFocus Glasses?

ProperFocus is an amazing product that provides adjustable Proper Focus required of reading, drinking, etc. this product is very useful for people with different eye sights. You can clearly see the near image as well as a far image due to the help of this product. The glasses here are made by perfect fit technology that helps it built correct focal length which built a clear image on the retina that helps him to see clearly.

What makes Proper Focus Glasses Unique?

When it comes to features and benefits, the Proper Focus glasses come with them all. They are flexible, adjustable, and handy tools for anyone to use wherever they are.

Lens Adjustability

You can adjust the ProperFocus lenses whenever you need to change your sight. You don't need to go to the doctor every time you prescription changes because the independent controls allow you to alter them as you need.

What is so special about ProperFocus?

ProperFocus Adjustable Glasses are made with an advanced technology of glasses that allows the users to change the vision glasses accordingly with their requirements. These glasses and the frame are made up of special material that allows comfort to the users and is safe to use. This product helps the people having myopia or hyper myopia both due to the special feature of adjustable glasses. If we talk about the material used the glasses are made by polarized glasses that deliver only a limited amount of light to the user’s eyes so that he or she could see the image. Polarized glasses have an amazing feature that they do not requires much care and concern of the user as it is dust resistance and scratch prove which allows you to have a clear vision.


ProperFocus Glasses are amazing Large Range Correction -6D to +3D reading glasses that allows adjustable glasses with a stylish and rigid frame under an affordable price range that has proved its efficiency to various people with different vision problems. These adjustable glasses are high in demand in Israel, UK, Canada, Ireland, USA, Australia, NZ, Singapore, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.