Pctattletale - Employee & Child Monitoring Software

Pctattletale - Employee & Child Monitoring Software

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Pctattletale - Employee & Child Monitoring Software Reviews

#1 Employee & Child Monitoring Software
Protect Your Business And Family

Monitor Social Media, Text Messages, Email, Web Browsing, Video Games...and more
Catch Dishonest Employee Theft and Leaking of Information
Cell Phone GPS Tracking
Monitor Your Employees
100% Undetectable

What is pcTattletale?

pcTattletale is child monitoring software. It lets you see what your kids are doing online. It runs invisibly in the background on their devices and can not be detected. They will have no idea you are able to see everything they do.

pcTattletale is the only solution that makes “YouTube” like videos of their every tap or click. Just watch the recordings from your phone or computer using your secure pcTattletale account as they live their secret online lives.

Discover Employee Time Theft

With more people working at home Employee time theft is at an all time high. It is the most common type of business theft.

Understand what your employees are doing at work — whether in-office or remote. See what they are really doing when working at home. Watch all their screens from one central location. You can even have remote workers clock in from their own computer and keep an eye on their time logged.

Catch Employees Leaking Information

Use pcTattletale's hidden agent to catch dishonest employees stealing, laundering money, or leaking data. Everything is recorded and can easily be used as undeniable proof. If you think your employee or business partner is leaking important company information you can find out for sure with pcTattletale.

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Monitor Up to 3 Devices only $99 for one year.

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