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Novawave - Limited Stock

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Novawave Antenna Reviews:

Cable Companies Hate Novawave - Because you do not need cable to Watch Broadcast TV
Works with any modern television set
Works with all High Definition content
Cancel cable and SAVE
Highest quality video and audio
No monthly bills
Plug and watch easy setup

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Guaranteed High Quality
Novawave takes just seconds to set up. You will be watching your favorite media in minutes, all in full HD resolution.

No-Hassle Returns
If you are not satisfied with your Novawave product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Quick & Convenient
Novawave ships direct to the address of your choice for convenient shopping and gift-giving.

The Features That Make Novawave the Very Best Choice

More than 90 of the top 100 television channels are broadcast free over the air. With a range of 30 miles in all directions, Novawave allows you free access to your favorite Broadcast HDTV shows, sporting events, even local news programs!

Watch in Beautiful High Definition!
You can view your content in full HD quality! Novawave is able to receive broadcast channels in whatever resolution they were broadcast, including HD signals of 720p or even 1080p resolution!

Extremely Portable
Novawave is designed out of durable materials and simple plug and watch technology. Take Novawave to any hotel, cottage, or even road trip!

Easy to Set Up and Use
Just connect Novawave to your television and you’ll gain instant access to your favorite broadcast TV channels. There’s no complicated setup to install or operate – just plug it in and you’re ready to go!

Supports Full HD 1080p!
Watch your content in the highest quality possible! Novawave features full support for Full HD 1080p signals – just like you get when paying for a cable TV subscription!

Powerful Unit Provides the Clearest Reception!
Novawave was designed to pull in signals clearly and display them in the highest quality possible. You’ll enjoy clear, beautiful video as well as wonderful audio quality.

Stick it or Hang it Anywhere
You can place your Novawave unit wherever you find that you receive the best, strongest signal. Try attaching it to the wall, or even to an exterior-facing window for the strongest reception.

How to Use Novawave:

Simply attach Novawave to your wall or window.
Connect Novawave to your television with the included coaxial cable.
Scan to find all available chan

Customer Service Contact Info:

For questions regarding order placement, processing, and delivery please contact customer service department.

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