My Survival Farm - Complete Survival Food Forest Guide 2022

My Survival Farm - Complete Survival Food Forest Guide 2022

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My Survival Farm Review!

When you undergo the course you get equipped with skills in permaculture. Permaculture is a method of replicating nature’s way of growing food with little effort in your backyard. One is taught how plants can grow on their own, without constant weeding or spraying with pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. These chemicals are not only responsible for the genocide of the bee, but these fossil-fuel poisons are destroying our bodies and our entire ecosystem. Following the permaculture system you are only required to set up the survival garden as taught in the course and mother nature takes better care of them far much better than how you would take care of them, by keeping all the plants, bees and even backyard animals safe inside their natural ecosystem where everything works in perfect harmony. Remember that every organism has a role to play in the ecosystem. After ordering the course you receive A-Z procedures on survival gardening. You are taught on;

1. How to plan, design and actualize high-yield survival garden
2. How to set up highly nutritious soil for your plants.
3. How to plant over 125 plants inside your permaculture garden.
4. How to “marry” your plants so that they do not compete for sunlight and nutrients.
5. You are provided with a hotlist of perennials that you don’t have to re-plant every year.
6. How to take care of pests naturally and how to make food hedges.
7. How to love your weeds and how to make organic fertilizers.
8. How to grow bees and how to attract them using bee-friendly plants.

Currently, there are no hard copies to lower the cost of the course but after you purchase you can have as many printed copies as you can. After purchase, you are taken to members’ area but you will also get a direct link via email. Therefore, you can access the product anytime by simply logging into your email account. Questions regarding the course should be asked via the email In case of any problems that one may encounter, experts are always ready to come to your aid.

My Survival Farm course consists of very easy step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your survival farm to harvest and selling of your product. From the course, you get to vividly understand that Survival farm is far much better than other farming methods because;

1. You do not have to weed.
2. You do not have to dig it except once in the beginning.
3. You do not have to sacrifice your emergency water supply.
4. You also do not have to re-plant over and over again, every year at specific dates.

This can work for you and have a sustainable food source that is better than organic. You are given the very easy steps to follow that even kids can follow through successfully. The course is pocket-friendly compared to the much you would spend on other methods of farming on pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

With the Swiss decoupling themselves from the euro, with tensions between Russia and the US, the E.U and Turkey, a financial disaster is likely to hit which would quickly lead to a food crisis. It will not only affect America but will affect the world at large. It is therefore very important to have a sustainable food source that is better that is better than organic. Remember working with mother nature and not against her remains the best option to realize amazing results from your farm. With this course, you can start your survival garden very easily and in time to secure your family from food crisis that may arise any time from now.