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Genie Script Reviews

What is The Genie Script?

Finding a way to navigate the world today is incredibly difficult. Even consumers that were on top of the world at the end of 2019 have found themselves wondering how they can get through this month without sacrificing their financial and mental health in the process. Multiple content creators have developed listicles that offer ways to destress or essential changes to their financial woes. However, these minor fixes are barely enough to survive. In a year that seems rich with overwhelming chaos, wouldn’t it be great to thrive?

What Do Consumers Get With The Genie Script?

As users decide to embark on this month-long journey, users will start with four sessions a week of 10-minute meditations. The meditations are easy to follow, and the creator will show users how to perform them as he does.

To educate users on the materials, the program includes video training on each of the five brain waves states that Wesley lays out. Users will learn about how each state – including Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, and Gamma – will benefit the brain and what the user needs to do to reach it.

Final Thoughts

The Genie Script allows consumers to bring more success into their lives with manifestation techniques that have been tried by the creator himself. The audio files and video guidance all help users put their minds towards success, rather than wallowing in the damage of negative thought.