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Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program designed by Carly Donovan, especially for the female body. Most weight loss supplements available in the market today are not gender-specific, even though a womans body works differently from that of a man. Women gain weight mainly because of the hormonal changes the body experiences in the period between puberty to menopause. A slump in the metabolic rate is a result of it and the main contributing factor to weight gain. Carly Donovan has addressed this issue and outlined a program customized to work for the fairer sex, working in sync with their bodies. A female body is controlled by hormones and undergo many changes

Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program, made especially for the womenfolk, tailored to suit their body types best according to the various changes their body undergoes. It is based on the Japanese concept of Shoku-Iko, which means nutritional architecture. Shoku-Iko is a process of pairing foods and flavors in the best possible ways to balance your hormones and metabolic activities. It aims at nurturing your body to good health and making it internally strong and balanced.


Cinderella Solution weight loss program is the perfect way for women to lose that excess body fat. It does not make you torture your body by depriving it of food and introducing unreal workout regimes. Instead, this program works to correct your body functions and trigger weight loss naturally by introducing you to a combination of healthy foods and exercise. It strengthens your immunity, promotes wellbeing, and balances your body functions. This program teaches you to love your body and not abhor it or punish it due to a few extra pounds you have put in.