ChillWell AC - Limited Stock

ChillWell AC - Limited Stock

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ChillWell AC Reviews:

Set your mode - The fan can adjust to 4 different speeds to meet all needs. Whichever you like.
Air quality control - It can act as a humidifier. If you're suffering from dry air around you, ChillWell can can make your air fresh.
Fast and efficient - ChillWell AC generates REALLY COOL AIR, FAST! In just 30 seconds, enjoy Rapid Cooling Mode as ChillWell AC pumps out cool, refreshing air.
​Easy to use - Very easy to refill with water when it runs low. Big capacity 550ml tank.
​Lightweight - Compact and easy to carry. It comes with its own carry handle.
​Extremely quiet - Use it any time of the day.
​Set your mood - Fascinating mood lighting integrated.
​Full control - Adjustable vents to direct cool air wherever you want it.

The ChillWell AC has a Water Cooling Cartridge to trap all these particles before they get blown on you.
One thing is for certain, once you try the ChillWell AC, you'll never want to go back to life without it!

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