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Automend Pro Reviews:

Save Yourself Thousands of Dollars in Auto Repair Costs!
Automend Pro can diagnose over 7,000 vehicle problems – right from your cellphone!
Learn the diagnostic SECRETS that were previously known only to mechanics.
See repair cost estimates BEFORE you visit a mechanic.
Find out WHY your check engine light is constantly popping on.
Monitor your car in REAL TIME to predict and prevent any problems.
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There is limited availability and this 50% OFF REGULAR PRICE OFFER may be taken down at any moment!

Works with Almost EVERY Car!
Automend Pro works with any gas, diesel, or hybrid car or truck from 1996 or later.

Prevents Major Repairs!
Automend Pro lets you diagnose and repair problems before they turn into major (and expensive) repairs.

Protects You from Rip Offs!
Once you know what’s actually wrong with your car, a mechanic can’t make you pay for expensive, unneeded repairs.

Easily Diagnose Your Car’s Problems – Right from Your Cellphone!

Auto mechanics can easily take advantage of a customer who doesn’t know what’s wrong with their vehicle. But Automend Pro tells you exactly what’s wrong BEFORE you take your car or truck in for repairs! Stopped being scammed by mechanics who charge you for repairs you don’t need!
Automend Pro lets you know how urgently you need to get your car repaired, so you are never caught off guard! Use it whenever your car has a problem, or run it once a month to perform a checkup!
Automend Pro not only tells you what’s wrong with your car, it also tells you how much other people are paying for the same repair. Stop getting ripped off by overcharging auto mechanics!

Automend Pro Keeps Your Car Running Smoothly

Automend Pro provides you with a complete overview of your vehicle’s health. If any problem is found with your vehicle, it will instantly be displayed on your phone and you’ll also be informed how much the repair usually costs. It’s like having a professional auto mechanic with you wherever you go!

Start by plugging the Automend Pro into your car’s OBD II port (it’s usually on your car’s dashboard below the left side of the steering wheel).

Download the Automend Pro app from the Apple Store (for iPhones) or the Google Play Store (for Android).

Simply run the app while the Automend Pro is plugged in. You’ll receive a full report on your vehicle, including any problems found

Automend Pro Saved Me Hundreds of Dollars in Repairs!
My car started overheating and the mechanic said the repairs would cost over $500. Thankfully, a co-worker of mine had Automend Pro! He ran the diagnostics on my car and discovered that the problem could be fixed by replacing a part that only cost $29! Thank goodness for Automend Pro! Without it, my wallet would be even emptier than it usually is!
Kyle C. – Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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